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Shop lining

We are experts in shop lining

Our lining and coating shop has a controlled environment and provides our staff ample room for research, adhesive coating and lining. The shop and property along with a 10'0" diameter by 50'0" long autoclave allows our personnel to complete large projects while cutting costs and completing projects in a timely manner regardless of unfavorable environmental conditions.

This photo is a transition piece of a phosphoric acid fume scrubber being lined for shipment to Saudi Arabia. RAI has performed rubber lining across America and lined piping and equipment in our shop to be shipped around the world.

For over 30 years Rubber Applications has been one of the leading applicators in the nation. We are very proud of the fact that we have the most experienced liners in this specialty field and also some newcomers that have the talent and the motivation to continue with the tradition of quality applications that these veterans have set into motion.